Thursday, May 28, 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

Our Animation Story

My focus statement "Kaylynn Overcomes Challenge" tells our story because Kaylynn is overcoming a challenge. In our story her challenge is not being able to ace her group dance moves and her dance teacher "Sophia Rodriguez" is being very mean to her. She continues to have a hard time until finally another dancer in the class "Lilio" helps her practice and shows her how to do the dance moves correctly. She eventually "overcomes" this challenge of hers and get to go to Italy with her dance team. Therefor our focus statement relates to our story because she is overcoming this very hard challenge for her.

The lessens our audience will learn is never give up even when things get hard, and also don't let other people dictate you and tell you what you are and aren't bad at. They will learn this because in our story is shows the mean teacher "Sophia" yelling and picking on her but that never stopped her. She continued to try harder and never gave up. Also it will teach not to give up even when things get hard because again Kaylynn never gave up and continued to strive. Lastly Kaylynn never gave up and eventually made it to Italy with her team.

Our best moments were mainly doing all the foley, "voice-overs" because that is when we were complete and mainly just having fun. In my team we mainly kept focused and made sure everyone did what they had to do and carried their own weight. Worst moments? Somehow we never had any worst moments. Working in the animation projects in the previous years was very difficult to me but this third year even though it seemed like we had less time I felt like I finally was able to ace it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My Visual Poem

My visual poem is about friendship and how friend are always their for you. Friendship doesn't only necessarily  have to be only humans but they can also be animals too. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and or even horses. Anyone and/or anything can be apart of friendship. To show the visual part of my poem I caught every single second with my friends and I. I captured all of our random nonsense and awkwardness. Non of my friend were acting which made the visual part of the poem more special.

My special effects affect the meaning an mood by turning my visuals in my visual poem into another perspective. By using certain effects like dreams and black and white can take my audience to another world. The dream effects shows a sense of imagination and happiness that my friend and I share. The back and white effect show a type of long ago and in the past visual. This effect helped me show our past in every way. Our fights, laughs, dysfunctional times and everything else. Lastly the other effects that I used was to put an original take some of my pictures and videos to be out of this world and one of a kine instead of using my pain footage.

I am pretty satisfied on how my final product came out. I know to make it better I should've used more video footage instead of pictures because my pictures didn't capture everything that I wanted it to. Also some of my video seems low quality for some reason but I blame the camera for that. Also the music I used I wish I turned it a little louder because you cant really hear it that well. Next I wish I had put some transitions into my video instead to transition smoothly from clip to clip.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Metamorphosis Animation

For our metamorphosis animation we need to include two or more different types of animation. My team and I decided that we were going to you digital animation, claymation and, stop motion. Our focus statement was "Flower Faces Bullies." Our first scenes was stop motion, a bully finds a flower and tears it apart. Next the petals land on  the floor and it moves down the steps and ends at the bottom of the stairs in a big pile. Later a friend comes and buts the flower back together like a friend helping someone back on their feet after they were bullied. After the flower moves up a hand rail, our digital animation comes in and the flower pops and into a person. Lastly we finished with claymation credits.

Based on our results we met a requirements for characters, sets, and props. Also we were between meets requirements and, above and beyond for our creativity, originality and execution. I think we could have done better is we didn't load all of our photos onto the computer we were going to do the digital animation on because it took along time for the digital animation to be finished. Also we edited our pictures on one computer, when we shouldn't have because it took a long time and so did the sound track.

Friday, April 11, 2014

STN 2014

one of the best weeks of my life. getting to see the sun set here on Hawaii to seeing the sun rise in florida. a full day if flying. having to walk to from the airport to the car rental and then later on have to walk back to the airport. everyone agreeing to play hide and seek at our house. getting lost in all the rooms, and not finishing our game. super tired and all we wanted to do was eat, take a shower, and sleep. hearing later that night that the store was closed and we had to buy our own dinner that night. going to buying dinner and hating the food, drinking carmel. and then hearing that there was a mix up with the house and all three schools had to share one house. figuring out the sleeping arrangements and then someone telling us that they found another house to stay in, but all of us ending up sleeping all in one room.

having to wake up the next morning just so we could be late?? getting to the parks and waiting in the longest lines for the worst rides.going home that night and throwing pool balls at each other. trying to make mandi talk to us. taking late showers and sleeping super late. going to the parks everyday after that. getting lost. singing do you want to build a snowman, let it go and the duck song super loud, and looking at everyone staring at us like were weirdos. me dropping my phone so many times. having maceos dad wait in the longest line just so could end up being a loner and so we could ride with our friends. complaining that our legs were soar. going home super late and no one taking a bath. one night sleeping at 12:30p.m. and waking up at 3:30a.m. just so we compete in a competition for sixteen hours. at night times having confession circles, getting mad at each other, going to sleep and waking up the next morning and forgetting what we said to each other. the final day if STN all if hawaii yelling ha-wa-ii, ha-wa-ii, ha-wa-ii and 808, 808, 808. that one guy from hawaii saying "oh naaw." getting sugar rushes, attacked by squirrels ian. alagator in out back yard, and a bear watch were we was staying.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

All about Me

My name is Kuumomi Thompson. I was born on the island of Maui and moved to Kauai in 2006 when I was five years old. I am 12 years old and enjoy hanging with my friends and making people laugh. I have attend Kapaa Elementary School and I am now attending Kapaa Middle School. I started the GT program in the 6th grade. I am now in 7th grade and this will be my second year in GT.

Aside from G.T. I am also on the media team for Kapaa Middle School. This teams is called "KMS Stream Team." We film all of Kapaa and Kauai High school K.I.F football games. We have recently been filming the swim meets. We are a team of eight and seven of eight will be taking a trip to attend the S.T.N convention in Orlando, Florida. My friends that are attending are Brandi Baligad, Maceo Cantu, Haley Gokan, and Keegan Kessler,


On most of my free time such as breaks and weekend I like to go to the beach and go swimming. But most breaks I attend hawaiian exploration programs. It is for 6th-12th graders who want to learn about there hawaiian heritage. It is offered during summer, winter, and fall. I will be attending Ho'olauna, Molokai this year.